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Shawn Ireland

Shawn Ireland has been a fixture on the radio at many of the primary stations in Central Ohio for over 27 years, (some call that longevity, some call it just plain dumb!). Aside from a stint in San Diego, at an all-female morning show, she has spent most of her career waking up her sleepy-eyed faithful Ohio listeners! Shawn also is a co-host on “Good Day Columbus” on FOX 28 each morning from 9-10 am, where she is forced to be a big girl and dress like anything other than a morning radio host! In her spare time, she devotes her time to women’s and children’s causes in Central Ohio, and is passionate about her signature, self-esteem program for middle school girls called Beauty’s On The Inside ! Shawn also has two children whom she nods at on occasion, and two intellectually challenged dogs that she makes excuses for constantly! Come to think of it, that goes a long way in explaining who Shawn Ireland is!

Kate Burdett

Kate Burdett has been shooting her mouth off on the radio in Ohio since 1995. A native of western NY and a graduate of the University of Dayton, Kate's parents are just grateful that she's found a way to put her mouthiness to good use (though the jury is still out on that one). Kate resides in a happy home with Roommate Rob and her dog Parker who is smarter than most people you'll meet. The home is happiest when Kate has a glass full of wine and a DVR full of reality TV to watch!

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